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Boghagha = healing  Ghudi = energy.

"The*BoghaghaGhudi brand provides great quality products and years of hands on experience, from a team who passionately and compassionately believes in consistent, dynamic research and growth. This leads to healthier solutions, simple and comfortable ways of exchange, collaboration and business. Our tailored Body Maintenance and Nutrition Consulting, Healing Sessions and Products are solutions for a more comfortable and Holistic lifestyle with less ailments, more energy and a healthy foundation to build upon. Our solutions also help assist in recovery from certain trauma(s) and pain as well as promote muscle growth, strength, flexibility and endurance. We also provide information/techniques for self maintenance on the go"... 

*BoghaghaGhudi means Healing Energy in the Tchogho language. They are known throughout Gabon in Africa and other places in the world as Healers who have preserved information passed down through their people. Their spiritual practices, healing techniques and musical connection to the earth and sprit world has had and still has major influence among many groups throughout Africa, the French Caribbean and Caribbean Islands, Europe and other groups of people throughout the world.

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